About Polka Dots & Pearls

We offer a lovely variety of trendy and classy styles with sizes ranging from x-small to 3XL. 

My name is Samantha and I am the founder and CEO of Polka Dots & Pearls. I  started Polka Dots & Pearls because I was often left discouraged when it came to shopping online. BUT, when I came across these amazing brands, I couldn't pass them up and just had to share them with you! I have created my boutique to help take out some of the guesswork when shopping online.

Each item is presented on models with different body types as well as the model's measurements and sizes they are wearing. That is online shopping genius! I love being able to see outfits on people with a similar body type to mine so I am able to have a better feel for what the outfit will look like on me. To see the model's beaming confidence brought me confidence in myself and my purchase.  I want your shopping experience to be fun and exciting, I want you to feel comfortable and confident with your purchases, and most importantly I want you to feel confident in yourself!  Thank you for shopping with me!